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We manage and lead institutional strategies that seek to consolidate the necessary activities and processes to support teachers and researchers in finding opportunities for research projects with external funding and agreements.

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Funding opportunities

CC-017 SG Regalias CTeI avance de conocimiento y creación 6

Create a list of proposals for eligible I+D projects and proposals for projects to create and strengthen research centers and I+D institutes in the territories, as prioritized by them in the approved 2019-2020 Biennial Call Plan by the OCAD of the CTeI Fund of the General Royalty System.

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CC-019 Patentes y Propiedad Intelectual 857

National call for support for the presentation of patents nationally and via PCT and support for the management of intellectual property.

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CC-020 Exención del IVA 853

Call for registration of proposals that will access the taxes exemption (open window)

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CC-021 Sácale el jugo a tu patente

Through the “Sácale jugo a tu patente” initiative, we will identify protected inventions in force or in the process of patent protection, of which 75 inventions will be evaluated and selected to initiate a theoretical/practical training process and advice to holders or applicants of patents.

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Resource search platforms

The following are some of the platforms where funding opportunities for research projects can be discovered. 
Development Business and Pivot provide tools for researchers that enable them to search for more assertive and efficient resources.

Pivot - funding connected
Development business

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